5 Factors To Consider Before Starting A Dog Boarding Facility

The pet care industry in the US is thriving, according to Forbes. More reports indicate increased spending on pets, especially dogs and cats. Millennials are more open to getting pets than the previous generations, and for businesses investing in the pet care industry, this is a great trend for sure. According to available data, Americans spent $73 billion on pets in the year 2018, and these numbers will only increase. If you want to start in the niche and wish to open a dog boarding facility, here are some things to consider.

  • Research well. The market for dog boarding is huge, and more pet owners are happy to send their dog to a daycare, where it can find other animals and humans to interact with, while the owner is away at work. The statistics for every region and state, however, can differ. Selecting the right location is critical to your business, because you want to have enough loyal clients and not extreme competition.
  • An affinity for animals is a must. You cannot sell cakes if you have no interest in baking. The same is true for dog boarding facilities. You must have some level of affinity for animals, so that you can run the facility with a personal touch.

  • The money is critical. So, how much do you really need to start a dog boarding unit? It depends on many factors, like location, rent, size, and whether you choose to start on your own or get a franchise (more on this later). Make sure that your budgeting is done right, so that you pull funds and investments accordingly.
  • Go for a franchise. Starting your own dog boarding unit may seem lucrative, but it also means doing considerable research and spending huge on branding. With an established franchise, you don’t have to worry about all of that at all. The franchise will have a fee and you will still need investment, but there will be considerable support for all aspects.
  • Hire the right team. Your team at the dog boarding unit can make a big difference to the overall ambience, environment for dogs and experience of pet owners. Ensure that you hire people, who are not merely trained but also certified and experienced. Some dog boarding facilities also have walkers, groomers, and dog trainers, and these professionals need to have necessary experience.

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