Finding A Feline Boarding Facility In Philadelphia

If you are in Philadelphia, you will find no dearth of feline boarding options in your region. Expectedly, as in any industry, not all services are same, and when it comes to your beloved pet, you would expect the best. In this easy guide, we are discussing the aspects that matter for cats and pet owners, and how to compare services for cat boarding Philadelphia.

Ask around

Your fellow pet owners are your best bet for finding reliable boarding options. We strongly recommend that you also check for big brands and reviews online. Cat owners often forget to check for franchises that have an earned name in the business and can be trusted better.

Visit in person

No matter whether you are selecting a cat boarding or dog daycare service, you have to pay a personal visit. This helps you get a firsthand feeling of the entire setup, if the services are worth the money, and if the place is maintained well. Even if you are leaving your curious cat for a day, make it a point to pay a visit.

Check the basics

First and foremost, a cat boarding facility has to be licensed. They must be also insured. Ask them about their in-house team, who owns the place, and who would be your immediate point of contact. In case you are leaving your cat behind for more than a few days, you may want to get updates on a daily basis.

Ask the right questions

Here are some quick questions that must be asked in general –

  1. Do you have a procedure in case of emergencies in the building?
  2. How are the staff hired? Are they professional cat handlers?
  3. Do you have a veterinarian on call at all times?
  4. Do you also have dogs on the property?
  5. Can the handlers and caregivers administer medicine to my cat, if needed?
  6. Do you have activities and stuff to keep my cat engaged?
  7. How long have you been in business?
  8. Do you need any specific documents at the time of admission?
  9. Can I extend the stay by requesting on call?
  10. Do you have any grooming or pet taxi services?

Finally, don’t forget to ask about the costs. While you shouldn’t be looking at the price alone, it’s important to know in advance, especially if it’s a long stay. You need a cat boarding service that cares for your cat beyond the price and is accessible at all times.