How to Find the Best Charlotte Dog Walking Services?

Getting a dog pet is something that everyone should do. There’s nothing more loyal and loving than having a dog in your home. Every time you come back from work, they are there for you. Waving their tail and showing how much they appreciate your presence. You don’t get that from any other animal.

They are more than animals actually. They understand almost everything you say, listen to commands, act defensively if you’re in danger, and they are generally a member of the family. There’s nothing more you could ask from them. See more about them on this link.

The only issue for some people is that they need to go out from time to time. They need to do their nature call and stretch their legs. Unlike humans who are capable of spending 24/7 on a couch, dogs must get some physical activity. It’s a part of their routine and self-healthcare.

Hiring a walking service is the best thing to do if you have no time to spend with them. You can hire pro walkers while you’re at work so that everyone’s happy when you get home. They’ll get their daily routine, you’ll do your job at work, and altogether, everyone’s happy.

Finding the best service is not easy, though. More companies and individuals are offering these kinds of services, but if you never used one, how will you know which one to hire. This is why we are here. We’ll help you find the best ones. Read on if you want to know how to find the best ones.

Look for experienced walkers

The first thing you need to have in mind is the experience of those offering such a service. You don’t want to leave your loved ones in the hands of someone who has no clue what is doing. Walking dogs on the busy streets and in the park is not a simple job.

They must understand what the dangers are, how to make contact with your pet, and what they need to be aware of while doing their job. More often than not, dogs on the street will communicate and get into a fight. They can often become dangerous if the person behind the leash doesn’t know how to handle the situation.

If you are about to let someone take care of your dog for an hour or so, you must be sure that they are true professionals and experienced in the job. Look for those who have already spent a lot of time doing this. That’s the only way to rest assured your pet will be fine without you.

Make sure they know the neighborhood

When you’re looking for walking services, you need to find someone from the area. Someone who knows the neighborhood, and someone who knows what are the best places to take your pet. It’s not the same getting someone from the south side and you live up north.

The business of dog walking in Charlotte is often separated when it comes to which part of the city you are in. You can open the maps on Google or other places offering business reviews and profiles, and you’ll find out that there are various options nearby.

Look for those who are close to you. Don’t search for businesses located too far away. These guys might’ve never been in your part of the city, so how will they know where to take your dog.

On the other hand, those who operate in your area, already know the other owners, the other pets, and they form a circle of pets and owners who can all hang out and have a great time. A walk in the park becomes a daily routine that is a loving time for your loved one. This won’t happen by someone from out of the area.

Read what others say about them

The reviews from previous clients can tell you a lot about who you are entrusting. The reviews can be found anywhere around you. In most cases, people who hire this service are happy to write on the internet about their experience.

Go online and open some of the many pages offering this. From Yelp to Google reviews, all the places will give you a different point of view, but not so different to be confused. If one business has a 4.8 score at one place, and another business has 3.5, then you will surely not find many different numbers on another platform.

Getting the best service is easy if you read the reviews. The comment section always has something to offer. The comments might surprise you with some things, but you should always be open-minded. Read more and see if there’s a pattern forming around a particular issue that some walker has.

If you can’t find anything deteriorating from one to another comment, then you know that this is a good choice. One sparkle of dissatisfaction isn’t forming a pattern. Choose these guys, they are good for you. See why reviews are the best thing for you here:

Don’t let them overcharge you

Pricing is something that should compensate for the service, but sometimes it’s a moment that will ruin the relationship between you and the walkers. If they want to overcharge because they are really good, then you should avoid these guys.

There are lots of services out there and there’s no need for sticking strictly to one choice. You should be choosing someone that will respect your earnings, and won’t blackmail you over your dog. Go through the options, and find the one that charges reasonably and still provides good service.


These few points are enough for you to know what the best place to go is and how to find the best dog walker in the city. You should be looking for an experienced person or company in your area, and never too far from your location.

They should have an outstanding reputation, and they must charge reasonably. If you manage to find an offer like this, then you know you’ve found the right guys.