Life with a Personal Protection Dog

Dogs are widely regarded by many as man’s best friends, and rightly so. If properly trained, a dog will stand by your side no matter what, and will also lay its life down on the line for you. Many people who fear for their life and feel threatened usually prefer keeping personal protection dogs in the UK. These dogs are professionally trained and come from reputable breeds that are renowned to be protective for their owners. However, how do you think your life is going to change with a personal protection dog? Here are some changes that you should know about.

A Friend for Life

Having a personal protection dog is a big deal. That dog is going to be attached to you wherever you go, and in the house, the animal will need to be cared for. By spending so much time with the animal, you will be able to develop a strong bond with it. The dog will love you and respect you, and you will begin to do the same. What you will gain is a friend for life who will be there for you whenever you need the animal.

Peace of Mind

Having a personal protection dog gives you the peace of mind that no amount of bodyguards can. That’s simply because these animals can sniff out threats quicker and neutralise them before they can even occur. There have been plenty of cases where personal protection dogs have managed to turn the tables and protected their owners from certain death or injury. Your dog will be wary of your surroundings more than you, or your bodyguards.

Dog Training

You will need to spend a considerable amount of time training your dog as well. Personal protection training is usually offered by experienced dog experts. TOTAL K9®  offers a wide range of trained protection dogs that you can choose from. Their personal protection dog training is widely regarded by many as one of the best choices, and is ideal for those who want to own a personal protection dog in the UK.


One thing that you should know about most protective dog breeds is that they tend to shed quite a bit of hair, so you will need to invest in a powerful vacuum cleaner that can be used to pick up all of this fur from the floor and keep your house clean!