Matt Davies Harmony Communities Explains Why You Should Adopt a Pet Rather Than Buy One


Matt Davies Harmony Communities knows if you are considering bringing a new member of the animal kingdom into your home, one option to take into consideration is adoption. Adopting a pet rather than purchasing one is the better choice for a number of reasons.

List of Reasons

A couple of reasons are as follows:

  • Purchasing a mixed breed pet -A mixed-breed animal has a better chance of living a longer life and having lower veterinary care costs than a pure-breed animal. Many purebred dogs are at risk of having a variety of health issues, including difficulty breathing, hip dysplasia, and an enlarged heart, among other conditions.
  • Community of Passion-A pet acquired from a store specializing in the sale of animals is a complete mystery. And once you leave the store, you are on your own; the majority of pet businesses do not offer any support if you have questions or issues with your new pet after you have left the store.
  • Recusing organization –When you adopt a pet, especially from a rescue organization, you know exactly what you’re getting because the organization has information on the animal. Because the rescue organization is engaged in finding a good home for the animal, they will also assist you through the familiarization period so that the animal can adjust to its new environment.
  • Adopting a companion animal –When you purchase a pet, you are not only preventing a homeless animal from finding a home, but you are also giving financial support to a business that relies on disregarding the needs of animals. Because they are in the business of making a profit with puppy, and kitten mills (which sell their products to pet stores)so they produce as many puppies and kittens as they possibly can.

Most of the time, these animals aren’t in good health and have a lot of problems. For example, they don’t know how to interact with people because they don’t have any previous experience, and they have genetic problems because they keep breeding with each other.

  1. Equally loved –Adopting a pet instead of buying one gives you the same level of love, intelligence, and loyalty as a store-bought animal, even if you get an older or younger animal.
  1. House for Homeless Animals –When you adopt a pet from a rescue group or adoption center, you make room for another animal that may otherwise be homeless, in an abandoned building, or without a home.


Matt Davies Harmony Communities knows adopting an animal is a better option as compared to purchasing one. Because it comes with several benefits such as providing a house to a homeless or abundant animal. Even though your efforts may not seem like much to you, they are an important part of a big plan to solve the problem of homeless animals, which is getting worse and worse.