Save Your Pet From Rain With An Hurtta Rain Blocker Dog Jacket!

Walking your dog out can be difficult during the rainy season. While you want them to be healthy and active, the rain water can be dirty and full of germs to give your pet a tough time. To save the pet from the rainfall and keep them in good health the Hurtta Rain Blocker Dog Jacket is an extraordinarily great option for the pet parents to invest into.

Dog walkers or pet parents have a habit of walking their pets out in the morning and evenings to keep them active and play with them in the park. During the rainy season, instead of skipping on the walks, its always great to have a rain jacket around. Here are some of the advantages of using the rain blocker jacket from Hurtta.

Full body coverage

Unlike the regular rain block jackets designed for dogs that miss out on the hands and leg covers, the Hurtta rain blocker jacket comes with extended sleeves that cover the entire body. It covers the pet body entirely except the feet and hands, and of course the face. When the rain gods spell their showers, your pet can walk safely and dirt free in the rains to keep them away from dirt and dust coming from the rain water.

Stylish jackets for the monsoons

Its indeed fun to make your pets dress up well and walk out with them. The rain blocker jacket is a stylish rain cover with innovative design, snap buttons, and high collar that gives a stylish look to your pet. Available in several colour variants the jacket gives a new outlook to your pet that supports the weather as well. It’s a great change of outfit for your pet to celebrate the rains.

Innovative design

While most of the pet outfits are made as strap ons, this jacket has snap buttons and full hand and leg coverage. The high rolled collar with built in rain catcher is effective in preventing the rain water from sliding in. There are adjustable straps for fitting the jacket around the dog’s neck, back and neckline. The use of 3M reflectors around the coat ensures that you don’t lose out on your dog even in dark. The lesh at the back allows for easy latching of harness helping your dogs walk swiftly without discomfort.

Having a suitable rain blocker jacket during rainy season is but a need for the dogs. As long as you are investing in a good one – it keeps your pet safe and healthy!