Should I Get My Dog a Chew Toy? Why or Why Not?

Some pet owners would view chewing as negative behavior in dogs, especially when they begin chewing on your shoes and couches! However, you might be surprised to know that chewing is quite beneficial for dogs, which is why giving your dog a safe and fun chew toy will come in handy!

This article will show you why you should get your dog a chew toy and the benefits chewing brings him.

  1. Better Dental Health

Chew toys are safer for dogs compared to dog bones, as bones are a choking hazard, causing harm to your dog’s mouth. It may cause broken teeth, blockages, and digestion issues, especially when giving them cooked bones.

Proper chew toys can help clean dogs’ teeth and gums. Chewing will help smooth out the teeth, scraping away tartar. Furthermore, it would promote antibacterial saliva, cleansing the mouth.

  1. Relief from Stress and Anxiety

If yoga and meditation are calming for humans, chewing is just as calming for dogs. If your dog is anxious, he would chew to ease those negative feelings. If he’s stressed from loud noise or suffers from separation anxiety, chew toys can keep him calm and satisfied.

Speaking of separation anxiety, chew toys are a good way for your dog to play on their own. If you’re too busy to play with your dog for a few hours, keep them busy with a chew toy. If you’re going out for the day, keep them stimulated with chew toys and other dog toys so they are enjoying time on their own while you’re gone.

  1. Gum Relief During Teething

Puppy chew toys are very beneficial for teething puppies! It eases the pain puppies experience while teething. If you see that your puppy’s gums are tender, place a chew toy in the freezer then give it to your puppy for a more soothing effect.

Furthermore, chewing would promote teeth growth for puppies to develop strong and healthy teeth when they become adults.

  1. Reduce Chewing Shoes!

You are probably familiar with how much dogs love and need to chew, to the point that they’d chew on anything, including your favorite shoes or furniture. To prevent this from happening, give them the right chew toys, so their attentions are redirected to toys they can chew.

As long as you choose the right dog toys for chewing (like the ones from Peggasus Pets!), then they will be safe from harm and will stay preoccupied chewing the toy rather than the furniture.

  1. Mental Stimulation

Dogs need mental stimulation, and chewing gives them just that! The act of chewing is an exciting activity dog will enjoy, requiring tons of focus. You can even find interactive chew toys for your dog to build their brainpower!

Wrapping It Up

I hope you learned a lot about the wonders of chew toys and why they are beneficial for dogs. If you’re planning to get chew toys for them, make sure to choose one made of safe materials and that are strong enough to last for the long run.