The Pros and Cons of Using a No Pull Dog Harness

One of the most important things to do is to walk your dog! Walking your dog is extremely beneficial for both you and your pet, as you get to spend time together, maintaining good health, while enjoying your surroundings!

But before you ready their gear and pet water bottle from PetSwag, there has been some debate over what to use when walking the dog. Leash or harness?

Read on to find out the pros and cons behind using a harness for your furry friend!

Why Use a Harness?

So, why should you use a no pull dog harness? Here are the benefits they offer:

  • You will get even better control over your pet, which is crucial when walking in busy streets or when in areas with large crowds
  • It discourages pulling, as the name suggests. A no-pull dog hardness would reach your dog that pulling won’t help him go forward, compared to a collar, which would pull your dog forward. When he sees that the action isn’t working, he’ll stop doing it and stay beside you, walking at your pace.
  • Harnesses help stop dogs from jumping, which is helpful for those with dogs that love to jump on people or run to jump over things! These harnesses will help stop the jumping without the risk of choking your dog.
  • Harnesses are idea for puppies who may end up tangling themselves or hurting themselves as they pull on a collar and leash.
  • If your dog gets easily distracted and runs or stops to see animal or object, a harness gives you more control. This is helpful when hiking with your dog or walking in areas that may have a risk of injury or your dog getting lost.
  • These tools are beneficial for dogs who like to lie down or require assistance after taking a break. You just need to pull them up so they can stand properly without causing any pain or discomfort.
  • Harnesses don’t come off easily, compared to collars. Dogs may pull on collars too hard to escape, while harnesses would embrace your dog’s body so pulling won’t do anything at all. 

The Cons of Using a Harness

Just like most products, a harness would also carry some disadvantages, such as:

  • Some dogs hate using a harness, pulling, whining, and not walking because of it. This will take some time and training until he’s used to walking with it.
  • Harnesses aren’t ideal for those with long fur, as they end up getting tangled or wrapped around the harness straps, ending up with a dog in pain.
  • Harnesses may irritate your dog’s legs, making them uncomfortable.
  • It isn’t easy slipping in a harness, compared to collar and leashes. You may need extra help or take more time putting it in, especially in bigger and fussier dogs! 

Wrapping It Up

There are many pros and cons about using a harness when walking the dogs, but the collective census is that it’s more beneficial than leashes. Consider using harnesses next time you walk your dog now.