The Value of Having a Protection Dog at Home

There are many ways to protect your family and property, most of them involve the latest surveillance and security technology. But you can choose to go for something different and get a guard dog. Having a protection dog is highly beneficial, they don’t just protect you, they also look after your family and secure your home. Here are some of the many benefits of having a protection dog.

Always Alert

As mentioned, many of us rely on technology to keep us safe in our homes. But what happens when the tech fails, and no one is around to help you? You could have state of the art equipment all around your property, but if the electricity goes out, you are left in the dark. Professionals in dog training in Sydney understand the advantages of having a protection dog at home.

These animals are alert and dynamic, if something or someone is trying to get into your property, they will let you know about it. Furthermore, they will be the first one to tackle the issue, protecting the people they love.

No Tampering

You cannot manipulate a trained canine, they have been programmed to ignore distractions, focusing on the task at hand. Electronic systems can be altered, and security tech can be broken by criminals who want to gain access to a property. You cannot mess with a trained guard dog; they understand their role and they have been well-taught by skilled professionals. There are very few ways to get passed a guard dog.

Not Just a Deterrent

Having CCTV and other types of security tech is good for your home, but they only act as a deterrent or surveillance system. They record what is going on, but they do not physically protect you from harm. If you live in a rural or isolated area, you may not be able to wait for the police to arrive and help you. This is where a guard dog comes in, they don’t just act as a deterrent, they also double as your own personal on-site security team.

Although there is no harm in having good quality security tech around your property, you must remember that it has its limitations. It cannot protect you against an intruder if they breach your defences. They can only offer surveillance and warning to local security firms or law enforcement. A guard dog acts as a deterrent and as a protection officer if needed.