Types of Dog Food Available to Feed Your Furry Little Best Friend

Everyone is concerned about what to feed the dogs. It is never simple like just choosing a brand and going ahead with it. Different dogs have different diet, so you may need to know what brand suits your dog. Seeking the right dog food can be tricky, but you can begin by learning the types of dog food available, so that you know what you are rooting for.

Complete food

These are the most famous choices ever. For the dog food to be complete, they must entail every nutrient needed by a dog in proper amounts to keep the dog healthy. The food can be dry, wet or frozen.

  • Dry food

This is an ideal choice because they offer the convenience of not to be prepared in any way and doesn’t need any special storage needs as well. These foods are made with dried and ground ingredients and can be cooked in numerous ways like:

  • Extrusion: raw materials are grounded then passed through a steam cooker. Then the food is dried, cooled, loaded with fats and oils for flavor.
  • Baking: here, the food is cooked at lower pressure and have more nutrients.
  • Cold pressing: the food doesn’t need to be cooked at high temperature or pressure.
  • Air drying: the food is exposed to current of heated air which removes the water from the food via evaporation. It holds the nutrients in the food.

Dry food can be fed with wet and frozen food, just don’t overdo it.

  • Wet food

This is usually packed in pouches, tins and trays. They don’t need any added preservatives and cooking them kills all the microorganisms in the sealed container itself. Wet food can be deemed complete or complementary. As it has a lot of water content, the feeding amounts are higher than the dry foods which makes them relatively costlier.

  • Frozen food

Freezing helps in preserving the nutrients. They also have a lot of water content. Once you determine what your dog prefers, you can select from the available dog food brands.

Complementary food and mixer biscuits

These foods are usually wet or frozen that don’t come bearing a lot of nutrients needed for a dog. Hence, they need to be fed with mixer biscuits or complete food. They are just cereal based filler biscuits mixed with herbs or veggies.