Want To Start A New Dog Boarding Facility? Don’t Miss These Aspects!

For pet owners, dogs are not just animals living in the house. In fact, dog owners have a soft heart when it comes to their pooches, and they don’t mind paying for bettering grooming and day-care facilities, as required. For an entrepreneur trying to venture into the pet industry, this is good news. To start your own dog boarding business, you must have some empathy and liking for animals, because this is a business that thrives on customer relationships. Today, there are many franchises that offer dog boarding kennels for sale, and getting started doesn’t have to be hard. We have a guide below that can help you decide on the basics.

How profitable is the doggy day-care business?

The numbers are staggering for the pet care industry. For instance, the pet industry made an astonishing $75 billion last year, of which a little more than $6 billion was spent on boarding and day-care services. In other words, the potential of making money through a dog boarding business is huge. You can, in fact, pay off most of the initial loan and investment within the first couple of years.

Should I start on my own or look for a franchise?

Starting your own dog boarding business from scratch can be a bit risky, for two reasons. Firstly, you will have to pay a considerable amount of money in marketing and branding, and secondly, it may take a while for pet parents to trust your business, which directly impacts revenue. A dog boarding franchise is certainly a better idea. Just make sure that you select a franchise that has good reviews and gives your business the potential to become a big name in its own ways. Flexibility is one of the key factors to check while looking for dog boarding franchise.

Factors that matter

A dog boarding business is expected to have specific working hours, so do your homework on the basic services you wish to provide. Beyond just boarding, you can also offer grooming and spa services. If you intend to offer boarding for dogs for a longer period, having a visiting vet is an absolute must. Also, consider the location of your business. Dog boarding facilities need to be within effective reach of target pet owners, but that shouldn’t mean going overboard on the budget.

Finally, do figure out how you intend to finance the business, and if you need a loan to get started.